Features of our platform for digital poker tables include:

For the operators:

  • Dealerless table - multiple tables can be operated by just one person
  • Player bank management and reporting
  • Financial reports
  • Attendee secure identification and security levels
  • Rakeback
  • Seat reservations
  • Built-in promotions for rakeback, time played or big hand
  • Automated Jackpot accumulation and winning that keeps the players at the table

For the players:

  • Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi, Dealer's choice games
  • Pot limit or no limit
  • Straddle option
  • Single or multi-table tournaments with rebuys and addons
  • Fast - much more hands per hour
  • No tipping
  • Intuitive user interface and life-like experience
  • Multi-language support
  • Player and tournament statistics
  • Hand history
  • Secure identification with smart cards

For the manufacturer:

  • Easy installation and configuration of new tables
  • Automatic upgrade process
  • On-site maintenance through web interface
  • Data replication prevents data loss in any hardware failure
  • Extended care program for 24/7 monitoring
  • All kinds of visual customization to the product, allowing you to create your own, unique looking product


In order to support hardware manufacturers in developing great and unique products, Knolis provides the following services:

  • Training of technical personnel on installing and configuring the software
  • Consulting on choosing the best hardware for your product
  • Certifying hardware of your choice to be supported by Knolis Poker


As much as we don’t like the “call us to get a quote” pricing approach, we have found out that the best way to work with partners building table hardware is to have a unique approach for each one. We aim to be hardware agnostic software, but each partnership to create a new, unique automated poker table product requires different effort based on hardware, targeted cost and desired user experience.
To get a quote please e-mail us at sales@knolis.com stating your country, expected volume of sales and services per year and hardware specifications (or if you need our help with those) and we will quickly get back to you with a quote.